Multiverse, metaverse, spiderverse...
One sip of Sprite and you will be sucked into a far better place: the Spriteverse.
A place where the birds sing, your mind relaxes and male-marmaids do unnecessary flips, I guess.

All of the films take place in the same universe, right? 
To prove it to the audience, we put little easter eggs of each film into the other and so on. 

A wanted poster with the mobsters on the right.                                                            The bubble penguin fishing in the background on the left.                                                       The queue in the background going on and on.


The One Show | Gold | Moving Image Craft & Production
Clube de Criação | Gold | TV, Cinema and Other Screens
Clube de Criação | Gold | Design
Clube de Criação | Silver | Film/Animation
Clube de Criação | Silver | Sound Design
The One Show | Silver | Design
The One Show | Bronze | Design
Ciclope Latino | Winner | Best Animation